Thursday, September 20, 2018

Sustainable September 2018 Day 19

Sustainable September on...

Day 19. Cleaning Products

Reduce what you already have (particularly any that are toxic) and replace them with homemade variations.

I love this simple Cleaning spray from Lauren Singer...

Here in the UK, I am yet to sort out a way that I can reduce the amount of plastic when it comes to using Vinegar in my homemade cleaning products. I am still setting myself up. But here in the UK white vingar (here its called Spirit vinegar) is used for very little and Malt vinegar is used for everything. So this Celiac has to be careful as malt is a wheat/barley derisitive and my body hates gluten contained in Wheat and Barley.

So white vinegar, Citric acid (to clean the kettle/and often in the form of fresh lemons), and bi-carb soda are my go to cleaning products. However I know there are a lot more that you could add. I also know, there are a lot more that you could do without.

My housemates in the path have had their own cleaning rituals, so i am responsible only for my own spaces. So keeping these clean for me is really important.

I hope this finds you well. 
Love Daena XX 

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