Friday, September 7, 2018

Sustainable September Day 7

I was back out in the field yesterday for the second day in a row and I got to excavate my own little trench. Which for me was kind of awesome!!

It was pretty early again this morning so I needed my reusable keep cup and the cup cosy my mum made me! Doing Sustainable September the UK way! Hot beverages to wake up. 

Daena the Digger... Archaeologist extraordinaire! lol. Im so happy to be finally living the dream! 

I hope you are enjoying the shorter and more stream lined sustainable September posts. I was so tired last night that I was asleep before 9.45pm but i couldnt even hold a solid coverstion with G, my boyfriend.

Day 7. Use a handkerchief 

When I first started doing Sustainable September I showed photos of some of the hankies that I had inherited from my father’s stash.
Would you believe I still have most of these? They are still doing their job and doing it well.

I have probably saved myself a fortune in tissues. But I have no idea how much. so why not do a little math

In Australia the tissues I used to buy cost me around $2.80AUD per box of 200 tissues. I would personally have gone through about 5 boxes a year, maybe 6 -7 if I got a head-cold. 6 x $2.80AUD  = $16.80 per year, which for the last 4 years makes a saving of $67.2AUD, as I have not had to purchase tissues for ages.

Not bad really when the handkerchiefs didn’t actually cost me anything in the first place. They weirdly make me feel connected to home when I use them too. Like my dad’s with me in a way too. He would have loved Sustainable September! 

Back to today’s idea... You can always make some or buy some handkerchiefs. 

You could always treat someone to a lovely hanky, as it is a pretty nice Kindness to offer. Reusable and often really pretty.

I hope this finds you all well.
love Daena

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