Saturday, September 22, 2018

Sustainable September 2018 Day 21

For those following along at home, you would have noticed that this Sustainable September Idea didn't go up when I usually have them ready to go up! I took some time to take care of myself today that meant limiting my screen time. So that’s what I did so two posts will be done today instead!

I can’t believe my third week of work is coming to an end. How fast has the time gone?

This next idea is one i do ALL the time.

Day 20. Take your own bags

This is simple enough. This may not save you a heap of money, but here in the UK at big stores like Tesco they charge you 5p for a reusable plastic bag. My old housemate would reuse and reuse the bags, that she had to buy, for everything, which was awesome.

I, however, have my very own reusable bags that I’ve had for the last few years. I only bought 4 with me to the UK. 3 “green” bags from Woolworths and one I made myself. I find these reusable bags infinitely stronger than any form of single use plastic bag. I carry these almost everywhere I go. I transfer them between my work bag, and day bag so I have them with me when I really need them. The only time recently where I havent had any was when I went out for a night on the town and wasnt going to be purchasing anything that was going to be leaving the restaurant or bar. 

I also have two “onya” reusable produce bags, which are awesome, I carry these with me everywhere too.

I have one I made myself last year, which I made from scrap netting I got from an op-shop/thrift shop. The are super easy to  make if you have the time, machine and fabric!

For the maths, if you bought one bag a week, every week for a year, at Tesco for 5p, you’d save yourself £2.60… which isn’t much, but it adds up fast.

I hope you find this helpful!
Love Daena

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