Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Sustainable September 2018 Day 12

Short and sweet... as I am absolutely and happily exhauted. Work is going well and I found almost a whole pot today. 

Which is very different to anything I found in Australia, as an archaeologist! What gets me is this is the first time in a few thousand years that this pottery has been seen by humans! It blows my mind!!!

Sustainable Septembers idea for Day 12 is a little like that pot... its all about quality. Sure it broke a few thousand years ago but its still here in parts!

12. Buy Quality over quantity 

For me this involves a little research. When I do choose to buy the things on the list i mentioned yesterday, I have been buying better quality, long lasting products. I have websites to some of my favourite shops that I want to buy from email me with savings for certain products I am specifically looking at.

There is a website called "" (this link is to the UK specific site), that can help you see which products are built to last the test of time. It deals with all kinds of things, kitchen accessories, gardening supplies, outdoor, shoes... and more. It is really expensive. To be honest I have use "" as a great indicator of quality, but I will then often track down a second hand version of the thing I am looking at or I will check other stockists for a cheaper price on the same product.

I hope this finds you well. How could you turn this into a kindness?

with love, 

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