Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Sustainable September 2018 Day 18

Another day at work in the office. However the sun was shining yesterday so I got to spend some time in the garden of my new house! 

I haven’t been able to get to the library so I’ve been using my housemates Cookbooks as the best light reading material! 

I love it because with the restrictions I have for my diet I also look at recipe books like a challenge. ‘How can I adapt a recipe for myself to eat?’ 

Considering yesterday was another Meatfree Monday I was looking for ideas of what to cook! It’s so nice to look at Vegetarian options that you can also adapt to have meat if you want. 

Sustainable September idea for ...

Day 18. Buy Bamboo products

Can this save you money? Yes and no.

Yes if, like me, you are eco conscious and driving around looking for places to donate your old plastic toothbrush to dental recycling. The Wasteless Pantry , in Mundaring, WA has a great collection of recycling collection points (not just for dental recycling either). I am still looking for a place to recycle my old plastic & electric toothbrush here in the UK but I know Redcycle do it in Australia. The petrol costs alone would be enough to save you money on buying a recycleable/compostable alternative.

No, if you are buying the cheapest plastic toothbrushes around. Admittedly, bamboo toothbrushes may cost a little extra but as more people use them the cheaper and more widely available they will become.

A bamboo toothbrush is able to be composted. 

(I still haven’t been able to take a good toothbrush selfie! Hahahahaha). 

They can be used in the garden as label stakes for your veggies (which would save you money buying purpose built ones).

You can also get many other things made of Bamboo… and they aren’t much more expensive than your everyday plastic variation, with the added bonus that they are a renewable resource and are able to be composted most of the time. At my new house we have a compost heap that I have used already to add stuff too! 

I hope this find you well! 
Much love,
Daena x

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