Monday, September 17, 2018

Sustainable September 2018 Day 17

Another simple idea is brought to you from Sustainable Septmember...

Day 17. Stop printing out documents 

There are times when you might need a copy of some documents for your records, but digital is best these days, as you will be able to save on printing, paper and ink costs.

Simply put....Only print something if it is absolutely necessity.

I have had to print pages for my Visa for the UK, for my passport application and even my bank statements (to prove I had enough cash to live and work here) but otherwise I keep digital copies of everything. I am unlikely to need paper copies, and if a government agency does need a copy, I can often access a digital copy or Print it out only if the need arises.

This can save you a fair bit of money. I have only had to print off two pieces of paper since moving to the UK and both of those were required for my application for my National Insurance Number (which is the equivalent of an Australian Tax File Number). So this was completely necessary! 

I have also started doing digital tickets this with bus and train tickets in the UK. This past weekend I went from Reading back to Cardiff, and back again, to catch up with the boyfriend. I was able to travel by train (which actually takes LESS time than it does driving) and I got to use my phone as a ticket! Which meant I was saving paper and therefore the trees which are cut down to be turned into paper. To be fair it would take a LONG time to save a whole tree but every little bit of paper adds up.

Also, remember when getting rid of paper, it can be shredded and added to your compost pile. Carbon (or brown stuff) is needed to give your compost pile a healthy life. So, using old papers/news papers can actually be healthy for your garden.

Do NOT get rid of tax informations for 7 years (is the Australian standard). However this number varies in countries around the world, so look into what information you need if you are going to shred some of your paperwork, ready for the garden.

I hope you are all well,
Love Daena

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