Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sustainable September Day Eight - Kindness

Hello again my wonderful followers,
And happy Father's Day to all the dads out there! This is the first one with out my dad so it's been a little surreal but we are celebrating fathers in general here... And celebrating what a good job my brother-in-law is doing with his kids! I've also sent messages to those father figures of mine! 

Yesterdays Sustainable September was to buy seasonal produce? 
What did you buy? Was it delicious? I hope so! :) 

I wasn't well enough to go to the market this morning but one of my neighbours did and awesome job and bought me home some strawberries!!! I have her some of my home grown mint in return! :)  

Any way, tomorrows Kindness is...
Monday – 8 September -Reusable Shopping Bags – I have been using these for so long now, I forget they aren't used by everyone. I bought several reusable shopping bags that are the size of standard shopping bags from our local supermarket. The best part is that they roll up so small that I can fit 6 of them in my handbag without even noticing. They are awesome.  

You can also make &/or buy small re-usuable bags for your fresh produce, from old or very fine/sheer curtaining (so its see through). Its also a way to reuse your sheer curtaining if they are nearing the end of their lives as curtains. For a few links for patterns to make your own reusable bags here is a link to "Instructables" or here is a video on how to make one... (the pattern isn't included, but should be pretty simple to create one from the instructions provided.

And here is something to make you laugh... Tim Minchin, a fellow Western Australian has a hilarious way to talk about using your reusable bags. WARNING: there is a one word that is quite rude. Just be warned if the kids are around! ;) Enjoy though. 

Much love to you all, 
Luv Daena

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