Monday, September 29, 2014

Sustainable September Day Thirty - the final Kindness Idea!

Hey beautiful people,
I cant believe Sustainable September is coming to an end! Where has this month gone?

Firstly... An actually happy birthday to my mum... On her birthday!!!

Love you mum! You are one of the many reasons I keep doing this project. I love seeing the kindness you bestow on everyone you meet. You are strong and compassionate and brilliant! :) After all you had me! ;) heheheheh. Just Kidding about that last bit! I love you so much and am blessed to have you in my life!

So tomorrow's Sustainable September kindness idea is the LAST Eco-kindness for this years Sustainable September!!

And awesomely... It is my favourite!!!!!! :D

Tuesday – 30 September – Upcycle! This is possibly my most favourite Sustainable Kindness Ideas ever. The term 'Upcycle' basically means to “Reuse (discarded objects or material) in such a way as to create a product of higher quality or value than the originalRead More.

I love creating treasure out of trash so much! So much so that I have a whole folder full of ideas of how to do this on Pinterest. Click here for the link to my Pinterest Page. Not to mention that there are folders full of ideas on "Eco & Environment", "Kindness ideas", "Tyre Ideas" (uses for old car tyres), "Pallet Crafts", "Glass craft", "Cutlery Craft" and so much more.

All I did was strip off the tuna labels, removed the glue marks and wrapped some red Christmas cord around it and popped a tea-light candle on the inside (You could use a battery operated one if you have kids - in fact I recommend it!). An instant and cheap Christmas decoration that has more value and beauty than it did before! :)
These are some awesome ideas, from the simple to the extreme. I love the amazing ideas when it comes to upcycling! :)
What is the coolest thing you have ever upcycled? 
I have a whole lot of old plastic water bottles that I think I will turn into bird feeders for around my house.
I want to create the project in the top right! Looks pretty simple. Plastic bottle, some string (or wire) to hang it up with and a couple of wooden spoons! Not to mention the Bird seed! :) and maybe a stanley knife to cut out the spots for the wooden spoons. Pretty awesome, and quite simple, really! :)
A lot of trees have been cut down in my area and they used to be a source of food for a range of birds. I love hearing and seeing birds in my area that it might entice them to come back and enjoy my garden a little more! :)

I cant believe this is the last idea for Sustainable September!!!!

But don't worry I will check back in tomorrow to see how you are all going!

Much love to you all!
Luv Daena x

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