Friday, September 12, 2014

Sustainable September Day Thirteen Kindness

G'day mates,

So have you got yourself a new water bottle? Or did you have one already? Did you take it to work? Uni? School? Or on your errands? Or do you even use them at home, like I do?

Me and one of my Water bottles when we went on a walk together.
So tomorrows Sustainable September Kindness idea is one of the best & most entertaining: 
Saturday - 13 September – Go Op-Shopping/Thrift Shopping/2nd Hand Store Shopping! 
Buy pre-loved clothes, accessories, home wares and BOOKS!!! okay so I usually go shopping for books at Thrift shops but I also love collecting interesting crockery and items for costumes. I'm currently in the market for some new Jeans so this is my next port of call. My mum mainly goes for the wool! But I also love that I can get CDs for like $1AUD instead of $20-$30AUD. 

Op-shopping can be lots of fun!!! :) 

This is the photo of the Op-Shop at the top of the hill from where I live! :) I often take my old clothing and accessories there for others to use when I have finished with them. Usually because I've gained or lost weight and they don't fit any more! :)  

And who can go to an Op-shop/Thrift-shop/2nd-Hand-Shop without hearing the anthem for shopping in one of these stores... Ryan Lewis & Macklemore's "Thrift Store". It's an awesome and clean version by the Pentatonix... I love these guys! For those who have never heard these guys (& girl) before, the Pentatonix are an American a cappella group of five vocalists originating from Arlington, Texas.

(Thanks Tanya and Isaac for getting me onto these guys! :)

Hope you have fun tomorrow visiting op-shops/thrift stores/2nd hand stores.

Let me know what awesome bargains you get! :)
Luv Daena x

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