Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sustainable September Day Seven kindness

Hey my wonderful followers... 

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So today was the Compost Bin Challenge, how did you go? Did you buy one? Did you make one? Do you have awesome photos that I can see and cheer you on with? 
 Here is a photo of my compost bin! :)
Were you even braver? Did you start a worm farm? If so was it very hard?

So for tomorrow I wanted to go more into the “buy local produce” type of thing. I know we have already talked about this but I love the idea of using what you have and not wasting anything. That's what has led me to write about the next kindness.

Sunday – 7 September - Buy seasonal produce. When you buy local and seasonal produce it means that you are reducing the shipping cost and environmental impact. Things that are out of season have to travel from a location where they are in season... longer distances, quarantine, different rules in each country about what is safe practice and what isn’t.

I have recently discovered there is a Farmers Market in my neighbourhood on Sundays, every week (Which is why I put this idea down for tomorrow/Sunday). I have also discovered that you can get BIG boxes of produce cheaper than the big chain Supermarkets. 

The other day my niece and I went to the farmers market and bought a box of strawberries and apart from just eating (about half the box of)just strawberries, we shared the strawberries, we made strawberry jelly, Strawberry smoothies, added strawberries to breakfast cereals and porridge... OH Strawberries... you are so yummy! Thank you for being in season! :)

I also made one of my favourite meals of Zucchini Slice (Its delicious) with some really cheap Zucchinis I bought from the Farmers Market. Usually in our house the Zucchini Slice doesn't last long. I made it and we have it as a hot meal (with a small salad) and then we have it cold the next day. IF... and I do specify... If we have any left it can be frozen. Or we occasionally cut it into bite size pieces to take as a finger food for some events. Remind me later to post the recipe later.

Sorry this is a bit late today, I was unwell and had an unplanned trip to the hospital. Spent 5 hours with the nurses and doctors. All relating to the surgery I had last year. I will be okay with a day or two's rest and some medication.

Hope you are keeping up with the Eco-Kindnesses! :)

Much Love,
Daena x

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