Thursday, September 25, 2014

Sustainable September Day Twenty Six Kindness

Hello my lovelies,
Can you believe there is only a few days left until the end of the month? This month has flown by... That's for sure! 

So today's kindness was to check out Solar Panels! :) and buy them if you can! Or if you rent like me... you can find other forms of solar power like phone chargers and camping solar panels to help you rely less on Fossil Fuel based power.

Let me show you this awesome place in Denmark, WA! It is the Shires council offices and it's amazingly covered in solar panels!!!!!
That's right all those black things on the roof are solar panels!!!! How awesome is that? 


I've seen lots of businesses, councils and residences with solar panels and it reminds me we are blessed with some amazing Sunshine here in Australia! (Even if the above photo is taken in the rain!). 

So tomorrow's kindness is ...

Friday – 26 September – Do some research into where your money goes. Do you have super? Do you have an investment portfolio? Does that money go into the production or acquisition of fossil fuels? Is that something you are comfortable with? If not consider looking at Green energy alternatives for investments or companies who deal solely in ethical and sustainable investments like or see if your own fund has a “Fossil Fuel investment alternative” or “ethical" or "Green investment option”. 

NOTE: This is not financial advice! This is just something to consider when you are looking at where your money goes, and how that money is helping or hindering the earth. 

I love the video for them though... it explains a bit out the investment company!

Let me know if you already have "ethical" or eco investments! 

Hope this finds you all well! 
Luv Daena x

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