Monday, September 8, 2014

Sustainable September Day Nine Kindness

Hello my beautiful friends,

How did you go today? Did you use your canvas bags? 

I went shopping today and used a lot of the reusable shopping bags I had with me. But I still ran out of my canvas ones and had to use a few plastic ones. But I've reduced the number of plastic bags used! :)  And that is the plan. I guess I will need to start making some more of my own bags now! :)

So tomorrows Sustainable September Kindness idea is....

Tuesday – 9 September – Buy organic and/or Fair Trade products – which is being kind to both the human race and the environment. One of my favourite products is Nerada Organic Chai Tea which is Fair Trade, and amazingly it is cheaper than the competitor who is neither organic nor Fair Trade! Go figure!
These were the prices today at the supermarket 8th September 2014
 Organic food is helping the environment and human and animal health. Here are a few examples from other people and pages.

 "There are some very good studies that show that on balance organic food has higher levels of nutrition," says Andre Leu, chair of the Organic Federation of Australia. "The data we have from Australia and around the world tends to be consistent. The number one reason people buy organic is for health reasons and concern about the use of pesticides."  Whilst "People believe that organic foods have higher levels of nutrition and leave less of an environmental footprint. It's better for the environment and organic food tastes better." American food philosopher and journalist Michael Pollan,[wrote in his] most recent book". (Read more from Body and Soul here)

"Organic foods promote healthier and more sustainable use of natural resources. Modern farming methods, including excessive use of chemicals, have led to a decline in soil fertility, and an increase in salinity and blue-green algae in waterways over many years. Organic farmers try to minimise damage to the environment by using physical weed control, and animal and green manure."Read more from Better Health Channel here)

Organic practices in food production keep our water clean. "Pesticides and chemicals don't belong in drinking water, lakes or oceans, but right now most of the water on earth is at risk. Surface water run off from non-organic farms and other non-organic food operations can deposit pesticides into lakes, rivers, and reservoirs." (Read more from About Money here)

Animals also benefit from Organic farming. "Animals are raised without antibiotics, hormones, or other drugs.  Even some types of seafood are better to eat than others; you can avoid fisheries that are being overfished or harvested using environmentally harmful methods." (Read more from Greening Princeton here)

Hope this makes sense, and this finds you all well!

Much Love,
Daena x

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