Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sustainable September Day Four Kindness

Hey my beautiful people,

How did you go getting a KeepCup or a reusable cup? Did you use one today? What is your beverage of choice? I love my Soy Chai Lattes... So yummy! :)

Drinking my soy chai latte! :)

Thursday – 4 September – When you shop buy local products. It means that the product is more environmentally friendly as it doesn’t have to travel as far. With the added bonus that you are supporting local business. 

There are some logos that you could look for when it comes to buying local in Australia, or more specifically Western Australia:

Western Australian Made

For Australian Made products check out this link:

Buying local is particularly important when it comes to buying food. 

"‘Food miles’ is one indicator when assessing the environmental impact of foods. The term 'food miles' refers to how far food has travelled from the paddock to the plate. As a general rule of thumb, for the same product, the lower the food miles, the less distance it has travelled and the better the choice is for the environment and for your health. This is particularly relevant in choosing local grown fresh fruit and vegetables over produce that has travelled many miles in refrigeration." Read More here.

For more ways to eat environmentally friendly check out this link to TIME Magazines 33 Ways to Eat Environmentally friendly.

Hope this helps you look after our environment and be kind to this beautiful planet of ours. Kindness matters.

Daena xox

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