Thursday, September 11, 2014

Sustainable September Day Fourteen kindness

Hey my lovelies,

Did you get any awesome bargains today? Did you find a new thrift store? An op shop you didn't know was there? I did! :)

I bought 2 square cake tins, a chip cutter,  5 teaspoon, a tin opener, and an Isobel Carmody book (I've been meaning to buy this particular book for a while now). I spent the most here. But still pretty good price! :) approx. $25.50 AUD spent at the 2nd hand store! :)

The next one was the middle range. I bought a pair of jeans & red top (in picture), wool (for mum), and 2 calendars for next year! Cost $10.50 AUD!

I didn't end up buying the dress but I did but a cake stand & a budget book! $4 AUD! :)
The picture of my awesome haul! :)

Do you have the song "thrift shop" stuck in your head? Have you fallen in love with the awesomeness that is the Pentatonix? I have! I may or may not have bought their 1st and 2nd album in one! :)

Which leads me to my next Sustainable September Kindness but I first wanted to explain what's happening with me..

Mum and I are on a road trip down to the southwest of Western Australia, with our first real stop being a place called Albany!

 The above photo is Mum and I in the car on the 5 hour drive south! We did stop off and see some of my relatives along the way. We don't get to see them very often because they live so far away. So it was a little longer than a 5hour trip was it was good! We saw some beautiful Australian Countryside! 

The farmer yellow canola fields and the red dirt with the green trees was such a stunning contrast and combination! So beautiful! I love the Australian landscape! (Btw. These photos were taken out the side of the car whilst we were moving). 

Which leads me on to the Sustainable September Kindness Idea for tomorrow...and i'm talking landscape not photos out the side of your car! Lol

Sunday – 14 September – Go for a walk in the bush, on the beach or somewhere naturally beautiful. This is a kindness for both you, and the environment! Because you get to see the beautiful things that this amazing world of ours has to offer, and hopefully inspires you to protect it. 

I'm hoping to have some beautiful photos to show you guys tomorrow! :) this particular part of Western Australia is known for it's stunning natural beauty... And in hoping to share some of that with you tomorrow! :) 

Anyway, I hope this finds you all well! 

Much love, 

From Daena xox

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