Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sustainable September Day Twenty Five kindness idea


How are you? Are you enjoying Sustainable September? I am! :D

So today's kindness was to use your old paper shreddings in either your garden or give them to someone to use for their pets and animals! 

My shreddings make it to my sisters house for her hens to use in their laying boxes...
The shreddings make nice nesting for the hens. Then I also get to share in the awesome delicious home grown eggs ;) I'm not silly at all! lol

 The Sustainable September Kindness Idea is

Thursday – 25 September – Look into Solar Power. 

If you don't already have it on your house/workplace, research and plan to get solar panels on your roof. SolarGain is a company that works in Australia (this is the link for Perth residents). 

To be honest I don't know too much about solar panels for housing, as I can't use is on my own house. But I imagine each solar company has specialties and price differences. I have shared this link before, to the Synergy website for Solar power, if you want to check it out too, for another perspective.

If you live, like I do, in rented accommodation look at other forms of solar power. I have recently discovered Solar Power phone chargers! You could leave the chargers in your car or on a sunny window and come back & charge your phone from them later. They are very reasonably priced.  This is a link to an iPhone Solar powered Charger and I also found a Solar charger/torch/usb/radio/basically everything which would be awesome in emergency situations. 

There are also Solar Panels that come in portable sizes (Briefcase size & slightly bigger), that are marketed for camping. I have seen some on different camping sites I have visited. They power caravans and other things like camping fridges during the night and day. You can check out this one (of many), link to portable solar panels

NOTE: These are not the only websites or products available on the markets but its an idea of what is available. And I do not benefit from sharing these sites over others... they just happen to be the ones I have come across in my travels and have been looking at for my own personal use! :) Hope that makes sense. 

If you get any of the above, let me know what you think. If you have a great brand of solar panel, I would love you to share. I'm still a "newby" when it comes to this whole thing, and any advice would be appreciated.

Much Love to you all, 
luv Daena x

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