Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sustainable September Day Eighteen kindness idea

Hello beautiful people, 
How did you go with the rubbish free lunch today? I think I did okay... I think I still have so much to learn when it comes to reducing the rubbish that goes into my lunch box! Here is what mine looked like... 
A jar of nuts and seeds, a reusable plastic contain of eggs & Cruskets (a type of cracker), fresh orange & passionfruit (their scraps go in my compost bin at home)... 

I had my water bottle and my work mate bought be a "cuppa" at afternoon tea (we both were starting to walk around like zombies! lol). It also turned out to be a special morning tea at work too... So much delicious fresh fruit and there was other stuff too, but I mostly left that alone! 
And surprisingly I'm still pretty full from it all at 4pm! :) 

Okay so today's Sustainable September kindness idea is: 

Wednesday – 17 September – Buy Environmentally friendly clothes. I bought some from and they are so soft, and reasonably priced for nice clothes. Bamboo is a sustainable resource. But there are so many eco-friendly clothing stores, that use organic or sustainable resources. They might cost a little more than you might usually pay but their clothing pieces are made to last. This beside gives you a list of shops & online stores that you can but products that are sustainable sources an fair trade! :) 

Hope this all finds you well!
So much love, 
Daena x

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