Monday, September 15, 2014

Sustainable September Day Sixteen Kindness

Hello beautiful people, 

How did your meatless or Meat-free Monday go? Did you try? Find any awesome recipes? 

I had a delicious meat free breakfast - with poached eggs, Avacado, chilli & home-made mayo on Gluten Free bread... All whilst meeting a friend for breaky in her country town! It was a nice kindness to get up early to catch up with someone who has to work standard office hours... And a kindness for her, giving up her sleepin to catch up with me too! :) 

Lunch & dinner were at my godmothers house, so I did my best to avoid meat at lunch time, with vegetable frittata, boiled eggs and home grown salads! 

Dinner, I have to admit, was not as successful! My godmother, bless her heart, had made me(& mum) her famous roast for dinner which I couldn't turn down for fear of being rude! Plus only the hardened vegetarians can turn down a roast from my godmother! Lol! It's delicious! :) lol! I do, however, think I might try to do meat free Mondays again! I might even try it another day... Even a day that's not a Monday! 

Yesterday I think I said that I took some photos on mums camera of the forest on our trip around the south west for yesterday Sustainable September Kindness idea... So here they are...

What I also didn't realise is that whilst I was wandering all over the rocky outcrop (before my forest stroll), mum was watching me (she can't climb rocks with her spinal damage) and she saw me do a kindness... and took a photo of me doing it! 

THe kindness was that I saw two ladies, who were travelling together, take photos of each other because they couldnt get a selfie with both of them in it and the awesome outcrop with the ocean in the background... So I took a photo of them for them with their camera! They were lovely ladies and we chatted for a little before I continued my walk! Amazingly from the car mum saw this (she has eyes of a hawk) and snapped away with her phone camera! :) got to love mums! Thanks mum! <3

Anyways, on to today's Sustainable September Kindness Idea...

Thursday – 18 September – If you are considering buying a car, look at the websites for finding out which cars on the current market are better for the environment compared to others. This is an excellent link to an Australian vehicle guide, for new cars on the market, informing you which ones are the most environmentally friendly!

Hope this finds you all well! :) 
Luv Daena x

Ps. If you aren't in the market for a car, let me know of something you are doing because you missed out earlier in the month, or something entirely new that I could maybe add to this months Sustainable September kindness ideas! :) x

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