Sunday, September 28, 2014

Sustainable September Day Twenty-Nine kindness

Hey my lovelies,

So tomorrow is my mums birthday! 


Today I went to the Farmers Market and bought a whole lot of fresh fruit and veggies to make yummy food for my mum and I. Yesterday I bought a new-to-me Thermomix. I bought it second hand, which is another way of saving the environment because there is less waste in landfill!!

I took this whilst hiding from the rain under the coffee stand tent! :) Mmmm... Soy Chai Latte... Any excuse will do! ;)
have to say I am a little bit of a Thermomix convert! In 24 hours of having owned it I made chocolate dairy free custard, hummus, two batches of strawberry jam, vegetable stock, zucchini slice, and strawberry sorbet! So I think it's been a good investment! And something I can tick off my goals list! :) Which is awesome! I always feel so blessed when I can tick something off that list! :)
My first ever time using the Thermomix I made Chocolate Custard for mum to go with some home made Jaffa Cake (To use up some of the excess oranges we had in the house! So YUMMY!!!
5 jars of Strawberry Jam and 2 Jars of Home-made Vegetable Stock! Lots of the stuff from the stock came from my own garden!!! How awesome is that! :)
Literally straight out of the oven, my Zucchini Slice - looked more like a loaf here because I over blended it! (Accidental Thermomix accident, that actually turned out alright!).
Made fresh Strawberry Sorbet for my mum and niece tonight! Turned out alright! Yay! :) Learning! lol

Anyway, back to Sustainable September!
Did you borrow a book from the library? Was your library even open today?

I may have not planned the library day very well! As some are only open on weekdays and occasionally a Saturday! But If you DID manage to get to the library, what book did you borrow? 

I saw this one in the library and was keen to read it! :)
Me undertaking my favorite pass time - READING! Not Selfies! lol! You all know how much I love BOOKS!!!!!

So, tomorrow is the second last day of Sustainable September! Time has been flying right? So tomorrow's Sustainable September kindness idea is...

Monday – 29 September – Plant a tree to offset carbon emissions.
You can use a carbon calculator to figure out how much carbon you are emitting into the atmosphere. You can do that here through Carbon Neutral. You can then also plant trees to offset that amount of carbon you emit each year through the same website... check out the specific link.
Or join a group like Men Of the Trees. The plant seedlings to “prevent the spread of deserts, erosion and salinity.” They have made a huge difference when it comes to planting trees in Western Australia specifically. To read more follow the link here

I hope this finds you all well. Only one more Sustainable September Kindness to go! And Its my favourite one of all!!!! 

Much Love, 
Daena x

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