Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Sustainable September Day Three Kindness

Hey beautiful people, 

How did you go today with the recycling? Did you learn anything new? Our Suburb is currently undergoing changes in their recycling and bin policies... and its not as simple to recycle in our area at the moment, until the changes come into practice. We are going from a one bin to a three bin policy. I have been pretty cheeky, and have been occasionally taking my recycling to my sisters house, where they have a very good (and currently functional) recycle policy. :) Which means this is also an idea for those who don't have recycling in their area. Take your recycling to another persons place, with their permission.

 So tomorrows Environmental kindness for Sustainable September is:

Wednesday – 3 September – buy a KeepCup (Or other reusable coffee mug) and use it instead of a single use coffee cup. The reason I recommend KeepCups is because they are one of the only barista  standard reusable cup, meaning it is the same shape and height as the standard disposable cups. 

Globally, every minute, one million disposable cups are discarded in landfill. That’s about 500 billion disposable cups every year. Use your KeepCup with pleasure and purpose, you are an influencer. Seek acceptance of reuse. Vote with your feet. Be the change you want to see in the world. Believe in Better. Salute the Reuser.”  If you are interested in purchasing a KeepCup check out their websites for an outlet near you... www.keepcup.com or order online from the KeepCup Store.

The one to the very left is the one I have! :)
You could also do a Random Act of Kindness with this and buy one for a colleague, friend or family member. Or you could give one to a homeless person, for them to keep and use any time they want. :)  

Hope you are all enjoying this months blog posts so far and are embracing Sustainable September! :) 

Much love to you all, 
Luv Daena x

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