Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Sustainable September Day Ten Kindness

Hello my wonderful followers, 

How did you go with your organic shopping? Find anything awesome? Learn something new?

Here are some of the things I bought that were organic! It's basically a perfect organic breakfast! Lol! 
Anyway as, here is the sustainable September kindness for tomorrow....

Wednesday – 10 September – Find a place for lunch or dinner that is Eco friendly and has sustainable practices. One of my favourite places for a meal or even a hot drink is www.greenhouseperth.com they use some awesome sustainable practices including recycling and composting everything they can from the site. The building itself is all about reduce, reuse, recycle. The floors have old plastic crates embedded in the cement, so that they used less cement in construction. They have used old pallets to make furniture, and the food... oh the food is divine too! There are bound to be other little nuggets of food-gold in your area!

Hope you are all well! And I hope you are all enjoying this little Environmental Kindness challenge.
Much love to you all, 
luv Daena x

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