Friday, September 19, 2014

Sustainable September Day Twenty Kindness Idea

Hello everyone,
I have been having a rough day. I'm usually pretty perky but its been one of those days that just seems to wear you down. I have actually achieved a lot. And yet I am exhausted... physically, mentally, emotionally.

One thing that has been keeping me focused & motivated is the Sustainable September kindness ideas. I have always struggled to be consistent with my blogging however having the blogging app on my phone and on my laptop has allowed me to have more flexibility in when and where I blog. So I am as impressed as most that I have actually managed to keep writing a blog post a day for so far 20 days (Seeing as i started the day before Sustainable September actually started).  They do say that it takes a month to get the habit started... fingers crossed after September ends I will be able to keep this enthusiasm going! :)

So todays Sustainable September kindness idea was to check out the Water Wise website.  Did you do that? If so, what did you find? If not, did you do something else to help the environment? To make your life more sustainable?

I checked out the website and was impressed with what they have to offer... a whole lot of ideas and even informing people about what assistance programs are available. Particularly for rainwater tanks and new dual flush toilets. :) I thought that was pretty cool. :)

I currently live in a rental property so getting a rainwater tank has to be approved by the owners before I can even look at getting one installed... but I think I might even talk to them about it. I love rainwater to drink... my godmother has a rainwater tank and I think I had about 4 litres of water a day whilst staying with her because the water tasted so much better than simple tap water. :) It also is nicer to use when washing your hair... It makes your hair softer and shinier! :) Or at least that is my experience.

Photo taken from Google Images... For more info click here

I also love that the website has ideas for Kids. :) All those parents out there... there are awesome ideas on how to get the kids interested in this environmental kindness. Check it out here

In my research for todays i also stumbled across a few international websites for Water Saving ideas.

For those in the UK:  It has tips and ideas for all areas of your house & Workplace.
For those in the USA:
This website is based on the Water: Use it wisely campaign out of Arizona, USA and is awesome for all the amazing ideas it has for conserving water, a list of 100 ways. 

I'm afraid I could not find a website for Russians on water saving. Considering the top four countries that follow this blog are Americans, Russians, Australians and British... I'm sorry I couldn't find a website that would be useful for everyone. However each of these websites have something to offer everyone... so hopefully you have found something you could adopt in your own home or workplace, not matter what part of the world you are from. :)

If you have a look most of the websites I have used can be used by non-australians as well as Australians. If there isn't anything that works for you... check out the web to find a local website that relates to one of the Sustainable September Kindness Ideas. And if you find one for your particular country that you want to share with me... I would love to hear about it! I might even be able to include it for next year, if I am brave enough to do this again! lol

Anyways, Thats all fair and good but that was all for today... hehehehe ... But we have to move on to tomorrows kindness idea...

Saturday – 20 September – Plant some vegetables and herbs in your garden, in a few months you will be able to reap a harvest. Saving the planet and "Saving your hip pocket" (an Aussie expression meaning to save money). 

Grow Your Own Food and Be Good To the Environment from Who's Green? has this to say on growing your own vegetables and its impact on the environment. "...You can help to reduce the carbon emissions that are associated with air freight and other methods of transportation. Growing your own produce is the green way to save time, money and energy. You and your family can share in the healthy tasks of maintaining an organic garden as you enjoy your home grown produce together, safe in the knowledge that you are eating the best and healthiest produce available while you do your part to keep the environment safe and clean." Read more

 I have planted hardy herb plants like Parsley, Mint & Thyme (they are delicious in pastas and savory dishes). I am currently growing a range of vegetables, fruits and herbs. I admit I have my fathers same Green Thumb. If you have a Brown Thumb, perhaps you could talk to a “Green Thumb” friend or neighbour and offer to do them a trade, you buy the plants (its an initial outlay that can be expensive) and if they (the Green Thumb) can get them to grow/keep them alive, they can have a chunk of the produce. Its an idea.

I always have excess produce, so I usually give my sister & her family some and then my neighbours too... which is occasionally something that I use for a "Regular" Kindness idea. I have already given away excess lettuces, rainbow chard, yellow passionfruit, mint and thyme. My mint and thyme are out the front of my house so my neighbours can use it too whenever they want... after all both seem to take over my small front garden. But I don't mind because they smell so nice.

Finally, I hope this finds you all well... I will share photos of my garden with you all tomorrow.

Much love,
Daena x

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