Friday, September 5, 2014

Sustainable September Day Six Kindness

Hi-de-le-ho neighbours,

So did anyone sign any petitions to protect a local environmental landmark? against Fracking? against destruction or logging of old-growth/rainforests? protecting your environment for the future generations? Any I should know about so I can sign them too? :)

So tomorrows Sustainable September Kindness idea is one that could be done mid-week but might take a little time... so I've thought about it as a weekend activity.

Saturday – 6 September - Buy or create a Worm farm or Compost bin.

I've been using a compost bin for a while now. It sits in the corner of my little back yard. I use it to reduce the amount of rubbish going into land fill. It is like recycling your organic matter.

"47% of Australia’s household waste is made up of organic waste like food scraps and garden cuttings. Recycling can turn organic waste into valuable gardening and farming products, such as fertiliser, mulch and conditioner" Read more from Keep Australia Beautiful here.

From Land Fill Waste Facts - Kids Go Green (Caerphilly, Wales)
 Composting and creating worm farms also helps the environment and is a kindness to the earth of ours. 

I have only recently gotten into gardening and I am looking forward to using my Compost mix on my garden as the soil here in Western Australia is basically made up of Sand! 

There are lots of different ways to create a compost bin of your own. One of my Favourite TV Shows is River Cottage Australia... and it just so happens that there is a small segment on how to make a compost bin on their site... Check it out here.

Tomorrow I will post a couple of photos of my little compost bin.

As yet I have basically left out the Worm Farms. I don't yet have a Worm Farm as I thought I would see if I could keep my plants alive first before taking on live wriggly worms.As my plants are thriving, it might almost be time for me to start a worm farm.

The Australian Government's Department of Industry, has some awesome schemes, rebates and ideas on creating composting bins and even how to create worm farms. Check it all out here.

Hope this finds you well.
Luv Daena

p.s How you are going with your Sustainable September Kindnesses. :)