Thursday, September 4, 2014

Sustainable September Day Five Kindness

Hello my beautiful Sustainable September-ers... I know that wasn't a real word but you know what I mean,

How did you go with yesterdays Sustainable September kindness? Have you bought any local products? anything you like? anything you would buy again? What do you get that is local to you, that might not be available elsewhere?

Friday – 5 September - Sign a petition to protect a particularly favourite landmark or area that is under threat. Recently there has been petitions for Australians to sign regarding our Tasmanian Forests and even the Great Barrier Reef. It may not seem like a huge thing adding your name to a petition but small acts when multiplied by millions of others makes a big difference. The Conservation Council of WA is a good place to start.

#If you are not in WA or even Australia then there are so many awesome groups/websites available through a quick online search through Google, that can help you sign petitions in your local area. :)

Feel free to comment below about the type of local products you have bought! :) I look forward to

I hope you are going well, 
Luv Daena 

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