Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Sustainable September Day Eleven Kindness

Hello again, 
Ten Days of Sustainable September and awesome Eco/Environmental Kindnesses! I've been blogging a lot lately! I am even impressed with myself! :) I continue to be impressed with how well this whole idea has been going! I really hope you are enjoying Sustainable September and are trying, at least,  some of these awesome ideas! :)

Today's Sustainable September kindness idea was to go to lunch or dinner at a restaurant that used Eco and sustainable practices! Did you find somewhere that has organic food and drink? Or has taken up recycling/composting their food scraps? Or did you find somewhere that has their power run by renewable resources? Is there a yummy restaurant in the town or city where you live that follows one or all of these practices? 

The Green House Perth is one of those places! 
This tiny business card is the size of an iPod nano! (Couldnt think of anther description for something that shape or size!)
I ended up taking a big bag of this stuff home with me... FREE COMPOST!!! all of it made from the scraps from the site! :)
The whole, double story, wall outside of the Green House Perth is covered in Pot plants! :)
You get a 50c discount on your coffee if you bring your own reusable cup! Another reason to love the Green House Perth! :)
This was my delicious "Breakfast" served at 11.30am! :) YUMMY!!!
It's all so delicious! One of my most favourite things to have their is their Soy Chai Tea & a doughnut (Sadly doughnuts are off the menu at the moment! Hopefully they will be back soon! ;).

Anyways tomorrow's Sustainable September idea is...

Thursday – 11 September – Do some research into which brands (Supermarket and Clothing) are better than others for their environmental factors, not just making your decision based on price. I have an app on my phone that I can consult when I am at the shopping centre. The App is called “Shop Ethical” and can be found for about $8 at the Apple App-store (I have an iPhone so I’m not sure about Android phones).

This is what the screen shot looks like when you open up the App! :)
It is also available in hard copy for about the same price, and a new book comes our every November?! I think, So make sure you get the newest book!

Let me know what you think! :) 

Much love and kindness to you all. 
Luv Daena 

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