Saturday, September 20, 2014

Sustainable September Day Twenty-One Kindness

Hey hey,
Another late post today! But a post none the less! I had a better day today than I did yesterday! I am  still a bit exhausted but I've achieved so much.

Yesterday I got printed 1000 photos (yes that was one thousand) of my round the world trip from last year! Today I've been putting them together in scrapbook albums! Or maybe the better line should be... I've started! Lol! And I've got half an album completed which is pretty awesome! :) only about 10 albums to go! lol. I really do love photos and Scrapbooking, so it's not too bad for me! :) 

So today's kindness idea was to plant vegetables (&/or herbs) in your garden!

Here are some photos of my garden:
In the garden bed I am growing Lettuce, Spinach, Rainbow Chard, Potatoes, Spring Onions & just recently I started growing Beetroot.
Tomato, Basil and Lemon tree.
(Back row from Left to Right) Onions, Blueberries, Olives, Capsicums, Beans
(Front Row) Parsley, 4 Figs (my first try to grow from cuttings), and a white mulberry.
This does not include my front garden, which includes Yellow Passionfruit, Mint, Thyme, and a dwarf peach. I've been sharing all the abundance in my garden with my neighbours. They love it and they now also share their excesses with other neighbours and myself. This season was awesome because it was the first real big crop of Avocados one of our neighbours has been growing for ten years! :) and they were delicious! :)

I have to keep most of my plants in pots because I'm renting but it just shows what you can do! :) 

I hope your expeditions in the garden went well today! :)

For todays Sustainable September Kindness idea it is simply to:

Sunday – 21 September – Look at the Western Power/Synergy websites for ways to minimise your power usage. 

NOTE: for those that don't know Western Power and Synergy are the power companies that run out of Perth, Western Australia. You could check with your local power company for ideas to minimise your power usage.  

If you hove wind or solar power already on your home, then you are already doing well to minimise your fossil fuel usage. :)

Western Power has some awesome ideas of how to save money and save power... after all Saving power is a good idea because "It reduces greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to climate change. While renewable sources of energy, like the wind, play an increasing role in our system, the vast majority of our electricity is still generated from fossil fuels like gas, oil and coal. Therefore reducing our electricity use reduces the flow of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere." Read More.
For more info  on power saving tips check out this link.

Synergy has also got some awesome tips on how to reduce your energy consumption, for ideas click here.  They also have a whole lot of information for those who are considering switching to Solar Power, for that click here. These are both for residential use... but im sure they have commercial links too. 

If you can reduce your power consumption and reliance on fossil fuels you are giving the earth one of the greatest kindnesses. 

Hope you are all well and doing the best you can with the Sustainable September. 
Luv Daena x

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